Welcome to my learning portal

An eLearning portal is a website that offers learners interaction and collaboration on eLearning content like courses, presentations, podcasts and tests as well as content management for eLearning providers


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What Is A Learning Portal? 

A learning portal is a gateway to all the courses, resources, and instruments that facilitate teaching and learning. Technically speaking, it’s a website that acts as a repository for teaching and learning materials. It’s a place where you store all your documents, podcasts, videos, presentations, and so on.

Learning portals can also include applications that facilitate communication: Discussion forums, messaging services, email, calendars, and so on. In its simplest form, a learning portal can be a shop-front where your learners can discover or be assigned content. In its complex form, a portal can be an ecosystem for managing all teaching and learning.

Whether simple or complex, a learning portal must:

  • Let your learners get into the system and keep out those who aren’t registered.
  • Provide easy routes for learners to navigate through the content. You don’t want your learners stepping over pools of alligators or having to pass through cages of lions along the way!